Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Oil City and Titusville Railroad

This post is coming a little late because we've been busy with Girl Scout Camp and finishing up Vacation Bible School this week.
But last Sunday we went to the Oil City and Titusville Railroad with the kids. Kora and Collin are up for the summer so we thought we'd take them out and do something fun since we really haven't done much this summer due to gas prices.

We all had a super time and I made a cute slide show of our trip. The weather was perfect and the kids all had a great time. It made for a nice day and they learned something along the way.

Titusville is the birth place of the oil industry. Edwin L.Drake was the first to drill for oil here in Titusville, PA before anyone else did in the world. The area is rich in history of the boom towns that settled while everyone was looking to get rich at the time by drilling for oil and natural gas. If your ever out this way in Northwest , Pa its worth the trip as you take a ride on a vintage train through Titusville and Oily City. Seeing old sites that have been left untouched throughout the century.

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Destination Mom said...

Hi Tracy,

I was just checking your website again, and I saw your very neat slide show. What I found extremely interesting, and coincidental was the name on the train, being that of Andrew Funk. The Funk family is quite famous around these parts as the Mansion and museum is only 15 miles from where we live. My husband actually grew up with many Funks. The reason I know that this is the same family, is because we just visited the Mansion last week, and was told a wealth of information on them. Very cool! How are you doing otherwise?

Your friend, Amy (FCL)