Friday, August 1, 2008

Its beginning to feel alot like the beginning of a new school year

Well everyone. Its that time of year when the UPS (Santa Claus of school) visits our house with huge boxes of wonderfully new school books.
Marilyn and Katie have been recieving their school books on and off this week. First off with Marilyn , who recieved all of her new 5th grade books. They all look great and I'm hoping that we will be able to enjoy history as much as we did this year in 4th grade using Children's History of the World. Marilyn is also beginning in Pre-Algebra as well. She doesn't quite know that yet , but it will be virtual class thank goodness because I know my math abilities have been waivering a bit the higher up in math she gets. They also recieved their Discoveries in Reading boxes and they love the stories in this series. Always great books to read and it makes a great summer reading program. They are reading their books as I type.

Katie recieved her Discoveries in Reading yesterday too and should be getting her 4th grade stuff really soon. I decided to give another cyberschool a try with Hannah for kindergarden. I signed her up with Agora which is a K12 cyberschool. I thought we'd give it a try and use something different. So we'll see how that goes. It took me quite a while to decide if I was going to do my own thing or use a cyberschool for Hannah for Kindergarden. The thing I know is that if it doesn't work then I'll just send everything back. But I think that Agora will be a good fit for Hannah. So we're just waiting for Hannah's stuff too.

I am looking forward to a new school year. Of course I have my other things that I plan on using with Marilyn and Katie , such as our Writing Tales and our Latina course which we need to get cracking on that again so we can start into Latina Christiana 1. The girls really love learning a new language. Even Hannah and Maggie love their Song School Latin songs.

I don't have any pictures with this blog today because our other computer started smoking so we're waiting on a new one and I have to hook up our thingy we use to get our pictures into the computer because our USB cable doesn't work on our camera anymore and we can't buy a replacement one for it.

The girls will be going to Girl Scout camp this MOnday and they always enjoy going every year. I'm not sure what to do at this point about what group they will join. Ever since our original group leader left we can't seem to find a good group anymore. We can't seem to find a group that balances learning to earn badges with field trips. Either a group does one or the other but there isn't one yet that I've found so far that can do both, and it is possible because our orginial leader did a great job at balancing both. So we'll see.

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