Thursday, October 1, 2015

Usborne books

Have I ever told you about my love of books?  If I haven't well  let me tell you.  I've always been a voracious reader and I honestly don't remember a time that I didn't know how to read. Growing up going to public school , I read and read a lot.  Reason being I went through so many schools growing up that my education was very spotty. I didn't come from a military family. So it wasn't because we were moving around a lot. It was because that was how my parents knew how to deal with bullying back ' in the day' before homeschooling really ever took off.

I remember my father buying lots of books. We really rarely ever went to the library because my dad always felt why go and borrow it if you can buy it. Granted the economy was far better off in those days too.   So most of what I was taught growing up was really because I was self taught, rather then being taught by adults.  I'll admit I'm still learning ( aren't we all?) and I get to pass on that love of  books by homeschooling my children.

I will say that this picture really says it all.  We have lots of books in our home. We even have an entire shelf devoted to books in our living room.  This doesn't count with the two large shelves of books stuffed full in our school room either.  I will admit there are far more children's books then there are adult books. As much as I do still love to read I find myself reading their books to them then I do books for myself. Which I honestly think needs to change.  Ha, ha.

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