Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Review and Giveaway " A Catholic Mom's Guide to Working from Home.

Have you ever wished you could make a little extra income at home?  Do you find it rather difficult to think about working outside of the home?  I think every mom at some point dreams of being able to have a little extra money to pay the bills, go on a vacation, or even just have some extra spending money. 

Well, never fear!  A Catholic Mom's Guide to  Working From Home is here!

I had the wonderful opportunity to be able to read and review this very helpful e-book on how to start up your own business at home. 

The author Jennifer Rainey takes you step by step in this very easy to read e-book on how to start, implement ,and even take some pause on how to never forget your true calling as a mother.
  A Catholic Mom's Guide to Working from Home has 101 tips that can help get you thinking and started on your way to a home business in no time.  

For instance did you know that you can use previous experience to start up your own at home business?  For example  I have always enjoyed crocheting and making homemade soaps. My experience in creating things that have become a lost art could help me make  extra money on the side.  I've also known people who bake and  create wonderful things to sell to others like custom cookies and cakes. 

The author also gives advice on the importance of being on top of the legal stuff when starting an at home business. It is very important that you take the time to research what your state laws are and to pay that ever important income tax. 

Another great thing about this book is that the author asks you to remember one very important thing : You are a mother first. God gave you this wonderful calling and if your job is taking up to much of your time. Then it's time to stop and either revisit doing something else, or go back to being the wonderful mother that God made you to be. 

Another nice feature of the book is that Jennifer Rainey also reminds moms to look to God. To thank Him, Praise Him and never forget that God is there for you throughout the good and the bad.   Also sprinkled  throughout  the book are quotes by the Saints and a good reminder to look to them as great examples of what mothers should be. 

With this book being an easy and quick read. I highly recommend this book to all Catholic moms whether you homeschool or not. Even if your considering trying your hand at starting your own business. The tips given by the author are definitely by a mom who has definitely been there and done that. So what are you waiting for? Buy A Catholic Mom's Guide to Working from Home today and get started! 

Now are you ready for a Giveaway?  Five people will be able to win the E-book, A Catholic Mom's Guide to Working from Home.  

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Also if your not one for waiting to see if you've won.  The Catholic Mom's Guide to Working from Home  e-book  is available right now for a limited time for .99 cents on Amazon .                                    

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Gina said...

Although I am an IBCLC (volunteer), I would start a math tutoring home business.