Friday, August 1, 2014

Another wonderful summer (2014)

Oh my goodness, where did the summer go? The girls' summer this year was full of fun and activity. They've enjoyed everything from going to camp, to visiting with family , to just some down days thrown in between with cooking smores and hot dogs over the open fire. 
I definitely can say I don't regret having such a busy summer. Though sometimes its just nice to rest and relax before jumping into a new school year. 

Marilyn started off her summer with going to her Aunt Erica's house in the city. There she spent one week taking the YMCA Lifeguard course that they hold each summer for the kids that are 16 and up. There, Marilyn learned how to become a lifeguard and got her license to become a lifeguard. We were very proud of her and she starts her new job here pretty soon. 

Shortly after this Marilyn went off to do the Catholic Hearts Workcamp. Is a very nice church camp activity for the kids in high school. They go to an area and help families who are in need to fix their homes. Marilyn had a wonderful time and she made life long friends , even though they live very far away.  
In the meanwhile, we decided to buy a slip and slide. For a short time we had a warm summer so we enjoyed it while it had lasted. 

Thankfully a little bit in between Marilyn had some time to rest and relax. Then before we knew it my sister came to visit us with the kids. At one point we had  10 children in the house. It was fun of life and fun and the girls really enjoyed having tons of fun. 
                                                  Maggie and Nay, Nay  both age 7 
                                          Having a picnic outside on our brand new picnic table
                                    Little Banana  enjoying being a country girl (age 11months) 
Then before the kids new it they were off to Miracle Mountain Camp for another year of camp. This was their 4th year of going and they've always enjoyed going and learning new things, making new friends.  They usually would go earlier in the summer but for the first time all of the camps were full and they had to go on a different time.  It was nice because not only did the girls go but they had their cousins with them at camp this time too. 

While the girls were at camp their cousins from their dad's side came to visit for a little bit. So Maggie had some time to spend with them doing Vacation Bible School and taking a visit to the Audubon Society.
                                                      Kora ,Collin and Maggs
Say hello to Liberty the Eagle. She was rescued when she had an infected wing and has to live at the sanctuary because she cannot fly long distances anymore because of it. She is a beautiful bird. 

A very pretty butterfly that flew by us and landed on the ground. 
Quick strike a pose! 
                                          Bet you thought that turtle was real! Ha, ha.  Actually it was part of the                                           pretend fishing pond inside the Audubon Center. 
After the week was over , we went to pick the girls up from camp, and they got to show off some of what they did.  Its always nice because they have a fun family picnic for everyone and the kids who take horse camps get to show off some of their skills. 
                                           Marilyn surprised us in taking vaulting this year. It was her first time 
                                       and she wished she would have done it sooner. 
                                                Hannah's 4th year doing Horse Vaulting 
                                             Maggie  the little country girl at camp. She saved enough money to buy                                   a cowgirl hat and canteen. 
                                         One of the many things the girls enjoy doing at camp,,, Trailrides. 

Now that we are done with all the camp and activities we are now settling down and enjoying the rest of the dog days of summer. 
Hannah and Daddy cooking some hot dogs over a fire. 

                                     Marilyn and Maggie spending some time with each other
                                        Of course we can't forget the ice cream truck. They've been enjoying that all summer. Thankfully our ice cream truck guy doesn't charge you out of existence for ice cream. 

I can definitely say we've had a great summer this year.  Now that we're winding down we're also starting to prepare for school.  I am still in the midst of figuring out what we plan on using with each of the girls, yet. Usually I'm very on top of what we plan on using before the new school year starts. What we do know is we'll be using Saxon Math with the girls. Other then that I'm leaning towards piecing things together.    The one thing we are sure of is that we are done with cyberschooling  as they are going Common Core now. So back to traditional homeschooling we will stay.   
                                              So here is to another wonderful summer! 

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