Thursday, May 8, 2014

Our first really nice day

Just recently I had been reading a book about Geometry. Okay before you say to yourself what does the title have to do with Geometry , well let me tell you. 
I had been researching some books to help us with math. Oh math , let me tell you the ways. As much as I've tried to understand higher math.My old brain just refuses to comprehend. Why ? I  will never understand because I kind of actually like math. Its just that adding letters and numbers seems to send my brain into a huge tizzy for some reason.  I'm sure its easier than what I make it, but still I struggle.  Which is tough having an older child doing Algebra this year. 

                                        Admit it, who doesn't feel like this about higher math?

Okay, so I'm straying a bit from the point. Though it still ties in with the title of this blog post.  So I'm researching a few books that came highly recommended to me for girls, that help with math. These books were written by Danica McKellar. Of course the cover and the titles are a bit risque like Kiss My Math or Math Doesn't Suck , but the one thing I have to remember is its geared towards teenagers and we were all once there looking at our Teen Beat Magazines when we were a teenager. Granted the covers look like something off of a Seventeen magazine the information seems to look very good in the books. I was able to read a small sample on Amazon to get the general idea that Ms. McKellar wants girls to love math just as much as she does. 
                       Of course Math wouldn't suck if you can find 20 ways to beat stress in the book

So as I checked out the samples I also checked out her book for Geometry. The first chapter talked about logic and reason.
One of the things the chapter  discussed was  conditional statements.   So what is a conditional statement?  That would be in a nutshell cause and effect.  So if "A" then "B",or how about A implies B? 
So for example  :    If it is 83 degrees outside then homeschooling outside is a total must. 

                                 See how that conditional statement works?  Cause and effect
And that is how our day went today. It was the first beautiful day we've had since, well, I don't know when.  Here were we live ,summer is extremely short lived. So I decided to move everything outside today.  I couldn't justify staying indoors when it was so beautiful outside. 

After we were done with school work I went inside to get things ready for dinner and when I came outside to check on the kids we managed to gain two more.  Our neighbor has been baby sitting and they saw there were kids out here and like always , we seem to attract them. 
The kids seemed to make up their own game. Not sure what it was called.  

Of course with the heat there is consequences ,well at least for Maggie. Since she is on medication for her bladder she tends to overheat very easily. So we had to dig the cooling vest out and put it on her because she was starting to look red in the face. It helped to cool her down. 
                                                    Yes, her face really was that red.

 Though we usually go from 0 to 60 with the weather here ( one day its freezing and the next day its 80 degrees). We always, always look forward to this time of the year. Bring it on summer! 

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