Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Crocheting for the Fun of it

Sometimes some hobbies come to us later in life. I can definitely say without a doubt that the crochet bug has hit me hard. I remember as a young girl learning from my grandmother and mother how to make simple single chains and single crochets. It never really had extended beyond that because for one reason or another I think my mother thought we'd learn it all through osmosis.

Sadly, I never got the chance to really learn what I wished I could have from my mother. She was so talented, so crafty. She could decorate homes, create some of the most beautiful crafts, make wedding cakes, sew , crochet. You name it my mother could do it. Between my mother and grandmother I never wore a store bought dress when I was a baby. I never wore a store bought Halloween costume, ever, and my prom dress was made by my grandmother.  My grandmother made all her children's brides dresses  ( she had 7 children ) and brides maids dresses.  So as you can see I had the crafty gene all along. It was just hidden for quite some time though it came out from time to time in our homeschool work.

 It wasn't until last year when another mom ,from one of the support groups I'm on through Facebook, that I caught the crochet bug. I marveled at this lady's  creations and I knew I wanted to do that too. I had a few H hooks and a few balls of yarn around the house that I had used with Girl Scouts and crafts before hand. So I thought, I'll go on Youtube ( thank you Youtube) and see if I couldn't find how to crochet videos on it. To my surprise I sure did. Lots and lots of them. From there I taught myself so much more and I created my first hat.  It wasn't fancy. It wasn't cute. It was just a hat and it was pink.
Not half bad. Right? Especially from someone who really never crocheted anything like that. Only just single crochet scarves.  So my girls went around wearing it like it was the best gift I ever gave them.
After I caught the bug  I continued on. Once I mastered that and a few other little hats,  the next challenge was my Minion Hat.
It has since become my greatest seller ... along with the owl hat . Since last year I've made countless number of hats for children , adults and even American Girl Dolls. 
                                                                         Minion Hat
                                                      American Girl Doll Minion Hat


          I even challenged myself by making a sweater, bootie and hat set too for a family member

My next challenge has become making head coverings. There are many little girls that love to wear them on spring days at least around here. We see them often with the Amish girls so its not a foreign concept.  We know there are Catholics that wear head coverings to church ,though our parish does not take part in wearing veils.I find I enjoy the challenge of being able to crochet and create them.  This is my first head covering for little girls to wear. My youngest loves wearing it , even to go outside and play in.

 These were made from a pattern that I adapted a little to fit my daughter's head. The original pattern was to fit a smaller child.  I do plan on making them in white and black and maybe add some roses at the top. I know these are different, but I love all things different and that's what makes them Simply Cute. That is what we decided to call our little crochet business. Simply Cute- by Tracy

The crochet bug has hit hard my friends. Even my daughters have taken up to crocheting and making some of their own little creations too. Sometimes I catch them crocheting when they are actually supposed to be doing school work. Sometimes they put it down and don't touch it for weeks and sometimes I find balls of yarn with half started chains that I know weren't my own doing. 

Now if I could just mix crocheting with exercising. There has to be a way to do it, there really has got to be. Its so easy to find yourself just sitting, and sitting and sitting while you crochet.  So if anyone out there has any ideas on how to keep from being so sedentary with the hobby, feel free to share.

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Allison said...

You're SO GOOD at it. I just can't get it right...ha ha!