Monday, January 20, 2014

Oh my, how did this happen?  I am now a mom to a 16 year old? No way!  I certainly do not feel like a mom to a 16 year old.  M is now old enough to get a job, drive a car. Well, right now she's just worried about getting her school work done and getting through these next four years of high school. They are going to go by very fast and my baby will be all grown up.  How time has flown. 

M is doing well in her studies , she's doing well with her Chemistry course and really likes it. She says she wants to take an advanced chemistry course next year. I'm hoping to make that happen for her. We're trudging through math. Algebra 1 is NOT the same as when I was in school. Not at all so we're both just barely making by with it. I'm hoping to find some more resources to help her get through the class with at least some understanding of it.  I've been looking at the Life of Fred books to see if it could explain the math more , so it gives some meaning to it for her so she knows why she has to take it. 

How I miss those early days of when the girls were little , and when we first started homeschooling. We had so much fun, we still do , but there is no one left to save curriculum for or to look forward to the next little person.  So for now I just savor life and enjoy the girls the best I can before they are all grown and moved away. Sniff, sniff. 

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