Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gallon Man

As you can all see even though we've been going through a lot with Maggie's medical care we've taken some time to have some super fun here at home. We really need to do it , to break away from the craziness of fighting insurance companies to get the care we need for Maggie.

So hence , gallon man.  Gallon man was super fun to make and it was fun to sing the song that goes along with Gallon man. Also so thankful for pinterest. It has become my very favorite place to go to get these fun ideas that I don't have think up all of the time. In the past, if we wanted fun, I had to sit and think super hard. Now I don't have to think so hard and its also interesting to see how many free resources there are out there in the super information highway.

I really think Gallon man is going to be helpful in teaching Hannah and Maggie ( heck even Marilyn and Katie ) how to remember how many pints, cups , and quarts there are in 1 gallon.

If you want to make Gallon man , you can jump on over to this link:

And go ahead and post your happy faces and link back here in the comments of the fun you had making Gallon Man.

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