Monday, March 26, 2012

IPad 2 Giveaway

The one thing that Maggie and I had been working on last week was learning about wants and needs. We need food, clothing, and shelter to live and survive, but we want things like a baby doll, candy, a video game.These are things that we do not need to survive.

So when I came across this giveaway I found that this is a need and not a want this time around. You maybe thinking to yourself, well how is that a need? It doesn't help you survive does it? Well, not in the sense that if we don't have an IPad 2 we would die or anything like that. But in a sense we really need something like this at our home. It would be great for homeschooling that's for sure. I could leave my poor 14 yr old daughter's Ipod that she got for Christmas from grandma and grandpa, alone and quit putting lame educational games on it. But it would also help if we had it for Maggie too. I would love to have something like this when we travel to Cincinnati to keep her mind off of things with our upcoming two month stay. I would also love it for home because it would keep her busy when we do her medical procedures everyday and it would lessen the tension between her and her big sister , because big sis really feels that little sis might mess her up her Ipod.
It honestly would be a godsend if we won this Ipad 2 for our home on so many levels.

But in good will I want to share this website that has this giveaway too to everyone else in internet land. It wouldn't be very nice of me if I kept it all to myself. He, he.

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