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Your Baby Can Read Schedule

I've noticed quite a bit lately from reading posts on the YBCR facebook page is that some of the kits that you buy at the store come with schedules and some do not. I've also noticed the " What is the schedule?" Question become very common. So I thought I'd type it out for those who do not have this. Of course you can go to the Your Baby Can
website and purchase it there. But if you have everything else in the Your Baby's First Teacher pack, such as the workshop DVD and so forth this is kind of expensive.
So I'll be kind enough to post it here and please remember that this schedule is not a steadfast rule. Some children need more time and some children need less time in viewing the videos. I've seen stories where children as young as 9 months old plow through all 5 DVD's in a matter of 2 to 3 months, and I've also see stories where parents go through it slowly with their little ones and they aren't reading until 14,15 16 months old. It will depend on many factors. The age of your child, the interest of your child ( some children just aren't interesting in learing to read quite yet), and the time and commitment you put forth with your child and the program.
So if you have a child that is learning the words quickly and you feel confident your child has grasp the words, then by all means move on to the next DVD. My 4.5 yr old daughter caught on very quickly with the 1st DVD. She watched it for the first 4 days and that was it, she was ready to move to the 2nd. The 2nd DVD has more words so I see that she is going to take a bit more time with it. Possibly. Lately she has just been eating up learning to read. So who knows?
If you have a child that is taking longer then so be it. Move on when you feel confident they have learned the words.

The Basic Schedule: This is according to the YBCR Parent's Guide...

Start with Volume 1 regardless of your child's age....
Also children who are learning English as a second language may progress at a slower rate than children who's first language is English.

Age 3 months to 12 months old
1st DVD- watch for 1 month , twice a day, move to volume 2 after 1 month. Baby may not recognize all words but that is okay because volume 2 repeats words from volume 1. After a couple of sessions with watching the first DVD you can use the sliding cards and books, play with them for a few minutes several times a day.

In months 2 and 3 , Watch Volume 2, twice a day for 2 months, review during the week occasionally watching the first DVD, play with cards and books from volumes 1&2

In months 4&5, Watch Volume 3. Follow this for 2 months , move to the next dvd according to the schedule, even if they don't know all of the words after two months. Your child will have more opportunities to master the words later. Watch DVD twice a day, review with Volume 1&2, a few times a week, play with books and cards for volumes 1,2&3 several times a day for a few minutes.

In month 6 , Watch Volume 4, will combine words your child has already seen in previous DVD's along with new words.
Watch DVD twice a day, watch volumes 1,2& 3 few times during the week, use cards and books for volumes 1,2,3,4

In month 7, Watch DVD 5, this DVD combines words from previous DVD's with new words for a total of 164 key words to review and learn.
Watch the volume 5 once or twice a day. This DVD is longer so feel free to watch it in two or more sessions.
Watch the volume 4 dvd , several times a week, occasionally review DVD's 1,2,3 , use books , cards for all volumes, 1,2,3,4,5

At the end of the month 7 if your child is reading most of the words from the DVD , they are ready for Your Child Can Read series. You can also expose them to different words to increase their vocabulary. If your child isn't fully recognizing all of the words yet, continue with the schedule for month 7 for several more months, but randomly select any of the 5 DVD's rather then focusing on volumes 4&5. Continue with showing your child the books and sliding cards.
Go to the library, check out books, teach your child to point to the words while you are reading to your child. When you come across a familiar word have them read it. Reading to your child will help give them an appreciation and love for learning.

Ages 12 months to 3yrs old: (follow instructions above for when to introduce books, cards and previous DVD's)

Volume 1 for one month,,

Volume 2 for months 2&3,

Volume 3 for one month

Volume 4 for one month

Volume 5 for 1 month

Ages 3 to 5yrs old; ( follow instructions from 3month to 12month schedule as to when to introduce books, cards and previous DVD's)

Volume 1 for one month,

Volume 2 for one month,

Volume 3 for one month,

Volume 4 for one month,

Volume 5 for one month.

You may find with this age group that you can accelerate MUCH faster than this. This of course depends on the age and ability of your child. Some children may need longer. Go by the lead of your child. My daughter seems to be speeding up with this program, but your child may need a full month or more. You will know when they are ready to move on. I also know that my daughter was sooooo ready for this that she wanted to play with the books and cards that very day. She does well with this and I'm fine with that. If your child wants to look at these things , especially in this age range its absolutely fine. I think its encouraged my daughter more to look at those flashcards the day I introduce the the new DVD. Plus at this age they also may like writing out the words. My daughter knows how to write her letters so she loves to spell them out on her dry erase board or on paper as much as she can. She loves the card games. So with this said, at this age level do what makes them happy and wanting to do more.

I hope this helps some. Just remember its a basic guide and a guide only. This is not meant to be set in stone. You may have a much younger child that can follow a schedule of a 3yr old and you may have a 3yr old that may need the schedule of the 3months to 12 months range. Children are different and they learn at their own God-given pace.

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