Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Many Faces of Maggie

I had to jump on and share these photos that Marilyn took of Maggie. Marilyn enjoys photography very much so whenever she gets the opportunity she is always taking pictures of something. Most times Maggie has the honor of being her subject. Maggie absolutely loves to get her picture taken too.

I really had no idea Marilyn took these pictures until I was going to download something on the computer from a picture that I took. I thought these pictures were so cute that I just HAD to post them here on our blog.
I'll have to say if you think Maggie looks pretty animated in these pictures, your right. She has become quite the silly girl since she has turned three. Sometimes not so silly too.

I will also post her other two projects with the Many Faces of Katie and Hannah too.

So here is " The Many Faces of Maggie"

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Those pics are too cute!!!!