Monday, October 27, 2008

Two fun shape books

I definitley think that summer is gone for us here in northwest Pa. Would you believe that today it snowed? Yuck!
Well we had a little fun today with making a couple of number books. One was for a lesson on number recognition mixed in with ordinal numbers and the other was a number 5-9 book we decided to make as its something that needs to go to her teacher. So in the spirit of the season we made her teacher a candy corn book.
The salad book of course I'm sure is way more intricate then what the lessons wanted. But for some reason I looked at the construction paper and you'll see what it was we made.
I believe I enjoy teaching my daughters this way using shape books and lapbooks to help them remember information. Katie and Hannah are very visual learners so this really helps them remember important info as they can picture in their minds the stuff we add to their lapbooks.
I hope that some of this helps someone else out there too. Of course one doesnot need to be as intricate as we did them, nor do you need to spend much time. Especially if you gather everything you need in the morning. The strange thing for me is though is that the idea hits me in the moment and we find ourselves starting something that we didn't plan on doing to begin with. Silly me.
Also I know there are alot of people that say they don't have the time to do things like this. Trust me I don't either. But I find and make the time because we enjoy it so much. Nor does it take that much time to do either.
Hope everyone enjoys and hope that it inspires someone else and gets some creative juices flowing.

The salad book I just cut out and pasted shapes of lettuce , carrots , radishes , and made the onions in a curly cue pattern and cut , and the pink think is the fork :>)

The candy corn book I found the template on ABC teach and just copied it myself as its just a triangle with a rounded edge. Then cut a piece of white and shaped it to the top with scissors as well as the yellow on the bottom.
The candy corn pictures I googled clip art of candy corn and a bunch of images came up and I picked one and copied about 15 of them into my pictures then picked contact sheet images and printed them out twice. You need about 32 of these little candy corns to do the numbers 5-9.

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