Thursday, June 26, 2008

Free Labor and counting down the days

Sorry everyone , we haven't updated here in a while . I'll have to admit that we've been busy with lots of things . Trying to finish our tests to send into the cyberschool , summer stuff like Vacation Bible School and next week Cheerleading camp . Studying our Latin , we can't stop now . Writing Tales has been put on hiatus for a bit until we get the tests done and sent out to the school . I've been juggling back and forth on wether we will continue with cyberschooling or not . I'd really rather do our own thing . The girls seem much happier when we do . But I'm still not sure at this point how much I can do in terms of getting everything I need for three children this year . Money is short , we just don't have enough of it . We do think highly of our children's education . They certainly are getting a better one then what our public schools in our area can provide . Wether we decide to continue cyberschooling or not though the answer will come in time . I would think with having to deal with Maggie's issues it would be easier to do our own thing . Just because I wouldn't have to worry as much if we aren't getting a certain thing done like I do with cyberschooling . Feeling that pressure of getting those tests in . Maggie is due to have another surgery in October so that is going to set us back school wise again like it did last year when she had surgery on her spine . So I don't know if I want that added extra pressure on me like that again .
But in the same sense I like the fact the cyberschool keeps track of everything for me and I have minimal paperwork . I guess that's a little bit on the lazy side though because the paperwork isn't impossible to do . But then you just have that small part of you that says " It makes your life just a little bit easier . " But does it ?

On the home front we've been cleaning and getting things ready to move too . I have found that having 4 girls really has its perks . I call it Free labor . I mean it really can't get any better then this . It does help because the older the girls are getting the more helpful they are and I don't have to feel like someone who has to do it all . Marilyn is growing up to be a fine young lady and loves to help whenever anyone needs it . She even helps me with Maggie from time to time and without any complaint . Katie likes to help too . In her own way :>) and Hannah , well she likes to do whatever Marilyn and Katie does . Its so nice to hear her voice and hear her talking now . She is just too smart for her own good . Then there is Maggie . She tries to be big . She really does . She forgets sometimes that she is a baby . Mommy reminds her though that she is "mommy's baby" . We still sit with each other in the rocking chair and cuddle when she has her bottles . She loves to be read to and is so funny when I put in the girls Latin DVD . She plops herself right on the couch next to Marilyn and Katie and sits for a few minutes as if she is just all serious about learning this stuff too .
Its always funny to see the girls though as they grow . One is always trying to out do the other at even a younger age then the next one . They certainly keep things interesting around here and I can't imagine life without them . That's for sure .

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